We have various products from the brands DrayTek, ACTi, DINTEK and KEDACOM in our range. This allows us to offer our partners complete solutions. Below is a selection of the possibilities that are available.

Internet backup
The internet has become an integral part of business. As soon as the internet connection fails due to a malfunction or another cause, it is often no longer possible to work in a company. That's why more and more companies want a second internet connection for backup purposes. With the DrayTek Dual WAN products it is possible to apply load balancing and fail-over over the two internet connections. In addition, a number of DrayTek routers have a built-in LTE modem and there are routers that have a USB port to which a 3G/4G USB modem can be connected, ideal for situations where internet is temporarily unavailable.

Interconnecting branches and/or home workers
DrayTek products are widely used for VPN solutions because of the stable and secure VPN capabilities. This includes linking, for example, the head office with branch offices or companies that use home workers. Because this concerns company data, mutual communication must be secured. The security of the VPN tunnel is done by the different encryption protocols that DrayTek supports.

Wireless guest network
Many DrayTek products support functionalities that make it easy to set up a secure wireless network for employees or guests, for example. With the Multiple SSID functionality it is possible to use different wireless networks on a single access point. Rights can be assigned to these various networks, for the respective user. The employees can access the company network and the Internet with a security key. The guests can only access the internet.
Another example is a wireless network in catering establishments. The visitors, who sit on the terrace or inside, can access the internet, but cannot communicate to the LAN. A limited bandwidth can be indicated via Rate Control. In this way, the company network is secured and visitors cannot overload the network.

wireless network
From a simple wireless network to an extensive Mesh network with roaming and multiple access points, this is all possible with DrayTek wireless solutions. Many DrayTek routers have extensive wireless capabilities, such as AP management and assisted WiFi roaming, to provide the best performance, coverage and security.

Efficient and secure network
DrayTek's comprehensive VigorSwitch range offers advanced functionality to improve network efficiency and security.
The VigorSwitch series consists of different levels, from switches that fall under the entry level to full enterprise models with layer 2+ functionalities. All models include web interfaces for control, monitoring and management. The PoE switches make it possible to provide network equipment with power and data via the network cable. In addition, switches are also available with uplink ports with a capacity of 10Gbps. This makes it possible to realize fast network uplinks between switches, servers and storage devices.

Camera security & mobile camera solutions
The IP security camera market is a rapidly growing market. For this we have the high-quality and affordable IP cameras from ACTi and KEDACOM in our range. The product lines consist of advanced IP cameras that are suitable for the most diverse applications, video management software and video analysis.

Mobile camera solutions & Bodycam
With the range of mobile camera solutions for vehicles and bodycams for BOAs and police, KEDACOM has interesting solutions for various IP surveillance applications.

Office environment cabling
The first step for a good LAN network is the purchase of quality cabling. For this we have the DINTEK brand in our range. The DINTEK range includes professional installation cables, patch cables in various categories, patch panels, industrial cables on a roll, key stone jacks, connectors and UTP tools.

Advice and more information
If, after reading these solutions, you would like more information or advice on the solution you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact one of our employees from the Sales department.